Scheduling with Eufy Robovac App

Is there a way to choose which mode will be used on any particular scheduled day? It would be nice to Auto clean some days, edges on another. At present it just uses that last mode selected so I have to manually change it… would be nice if that function was in the app!


That’s a very good and useful suggestion.
A really more detailed schedule would be useful.
Different times, days and cleaning modi.

I think this can be programmed easily and added without a lot of work.

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Is there a reason to not edge clean every time? Serious question, just curious

No, I don’t use that edge modus at all, I let Willi doing his job, strolling around with no plan :joy: and not force him to the edges.

All clean after.

Yes but @Jabbauk is asking how to get both modes. So I’m curious if you are going to want edge mode to not just leave edge mode always on

I don’t understand.
With the simple remote you can switch between the modes only.
I dont think the app can do that he wants to.
But I haven’t an app-Robot.

Stupid Willi I got! :smiley: