SC 2 connected to phone but does no have sound

I just bought a SC 2, it can connect to my phone, I can use the button to increase/decrease volume (when I press button on SC 2, the volume bar on phone slide) but the SC 2 itself does not have sound.

Please help

Hi @haibangtran,
Does the speaker make a “whirrrrrr” sound when you power it on and off? If it’s not making any sound at all, please reach out to to see if warranty service is in order. Thanks!

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Not meaning to insult but…

Is the volume up on FULL on your source (handset etc).
When playing g sound via a Bluetooth device, the source device must be on full volume, then control the volume via the BT device.

2… also check in BT settings on your source, is set to play media and calls (or just media).

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Dear TechnicallyWell

I bought 2 SC2 and 1 SC mini, 1 of the SC2 and the mini sounded and work well when turned on and connected to phone but the remaining SC2 does not make any sound when turned on and connected.
The “-“ and “”+” buttons still work but there is no sound at all.
I have just bought the SC 2 two days ago.

Please let me know what should I do next

Thank you very much for your support

May be you should “clean” the list of bluetooth devices at your bt source
and connect THIS!!! not working SC2 only.

Let us know if there is a recognition at the list of bt devices and what kind of OS you are using.

Hi @haibangtran,
Since the SoundCore 2 is not making the start-up sounds, please contact so they can look into this further. Please include the serial number found on the speaker in your email. Thank you!