Say Hello to RoboVac L70 | IFA Exclusive

Hey eufy fans,

This week marked the return of IFA, Europe’s premier tech convention. Just like last year, we went all out to show off eufy’s latest line-up to tech fans from around the world.

The hero of our line-up this year was our brand new eufy RoboVac L70. Previously available only in the US, L70’s debut in Berlin coincided with its official release in Germany.

RoboVac L70 ushers in a new era of intelligent cleaning. Our team has spent the past year developing cutting-edge laser-guided navigation technology that results in 3 times the cleaning efficiency. The attendees at IFA got to see this marvel of automated home cleaning firsthand!

Of course, we know that not all of you were able to jet off to Berlin for the week. That’s why we want to take this opportunity to share RoboVac L70 with you.

Minimum Effort, Maximum Convenience
RoboVac L70 cleans your house or apartment quickly and efficiently thanks to iPath laser navigation. Rather than bumping around your house, knocking over trash cans and your dog’s bowl, L70 cleans around objects and furniture.

“Target Designated! Clean Living Room, Only”
Thanks to AI map technology, you can tell L70 to stay out of the kitchen and instead prepare the living room for the evening’s guests. Just hop on your phone and set virtual boundaries for RoboVac and prepare your signature lasagna without accidentally tripping over it.

That’s Right! It Also Mops
While you wine and dine, L70 can break out its party piece—its mop function. Confine RoboVac to the kitchen using the aforementioned virtual boundaries and marvel when you open the door to sparkling clean floors a few hours later. Do note, though, that L70 can only mop hard floors. Excitable wine spills on the carpet will still require good old fashioned elbow grease.

Brains AND Brawn
With drop-sensing and anti-collision technology, L70 will safely clean your home without scuffing your new coffee table. And clean it will! 2200Pa of ultra-strong suction power is enough to thoroughly clean up after your messy dinner guests. L70 can effortlessly sweep up dust, dirt, hair, and much more.

Leave us a comment below to let us know if you’re excited about the launch of our new state-of-the-art RoboVac.


eufy team


Forget excitment, just send me one to test already. With half the house having hardwood floors and the other carpet, I can put this vacuum to full use.


This would be a nice product to be tested.
I’m still not sure about the effectiveness of that mop function.
I need to be convinced. :laughing:

I am always trying to answer questions about the 11S at
As I know “Willy” :smiley: (my 11S) perfectly It’s easy for me to help there.

Only L70 H is released in Europe/Germany?! Did i get that correct?

What about the regular - non hybrid - RoboVac L70?!
When will this be available and at what price?


There have been certain models of the RoboVac offered in Germany only.
There was a 15 I remember.
Showed up and vanished! :wink:

Looks very cool. US Pricing and availability will be the questions I want answered, 500 Euro at that linked German page means it won’t be happening for me any time soon… Unless the opportunity to beta test appears.

Self emptying robot vacuum please.


Like a human being? :joy::joy:

(joke, know what you are talking about)
But when emptying the robot 's container I clean brushes also.
So its not such a big job for me to care about.
And sometimes I find there things I was missing, like srews etc.

Yesterday i found 1 cent coin in the container.
A present from “Willy”.
I told him to look for bank notes, :smiley:

thats a great idea… the Robovac can dump the dust into the dock station … dock station can collect / be attached to the home trash … its a whole new product line @AnkerOfficial

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More technic, more issues, higher costs.
But you are right, customers might like.
Not me!

If you ask me… I will do all of it myself :smiley: some exercise… that is whats lacking nowadays… but if I win this in some contest (which is highly unlikely - not the contest, but me winning), I will definitely put it to use :smiley:

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I see you running with a cloth after the robot when moping…
Sticks somewhere and then drop drop drop, like a puppy!! :joy:

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Dont forget I tested the 15T vacuum out

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May be it was not the 15…
May be a 13 :rofl:

But you know with such a pile of models I forgot the numbers.
The one I use is a 11S, this is really for sure!

I mean, I would never turn it down myself lol. I have been on the fence trying to decide which one would best fit my house. I have a two story home, original hardwood upstairs and a Pergo downstairs (thanks to having a super hyper dog that loves to run around). My biggest issue has always been getting underneath beds and cribs (2) each time I vacuum. Top that off with not having enough time in the day to even think about it after work and coming home to the kids, so this may be right in my wheelhouse.



The white carpet will be a real trap.

The “crumbs” are easy to swallow. :rofl:

And the RoboVac is really slim.
Will get to places you would not get to, when doing normal vacuuming.

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I am so beyond excited! I’ve been wanting to try one of these little monsters. Maybe if I had one my floors would get cleaner since I can’t clean them and fight off my dog that attacks the mop, broom, and vacuum when anyone uses them.

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A RoboVac might get a real friend of a dog! :grinning:
Try it.
If there are more questions about, please ask.
We all here like to answer if possible.

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Our dog does the same thing, but with this robovac she runs away because it moves on its own.