Say Goodbye to Vacuuming and Mopping with the RoboVac G30 Hybrid


Hey, eufy fans!

For months now, many of you have been asking “Hey eufy, where are the new RoboVacs?”

In what has been an unusual year, we’ve been working away to create a robotic vacuum that does more for you.

It’s been a while coming but we’re extremely excited to announce the arrival of our all-new RoboVac G30 Series.

Say goodbye to both vacuuming and mopping with our G30 Hybrid that includes:

  • Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 - for more purposeful cleaning across all surfaces when compared to random path robotic vacuums.
  • Vacuuming and Mopping Capabilities - RoboVac G30 Hybrid gives you two fewer chores to worry about. The ultra-strong 2000Pa suction picks up more debris across all surfaces, while the mopping module applies the finishing touch.
  • App Control with Cleaning History - complete all your cleaning needs right from your smartphone. When the job is done check-out where and when your RoboVac cleaned.
  • Boundary Strips - exclude your kid’s play area or your pet’s bed. RoboVac uses specialized dual-Hall Sensors to detect the Boundary Strips you set, ensuring it only cleans the areas required.

Save up to 30% when you get yours between Jan 25th to Jan 31st at

US customers can use code: EUFYG30HUS (for up to 30% off)

UK customers can use code: EUFYG30H (for up to 25% off)

DE customers can use code: EUFYG30HDE (for up to €50 off)

Also, be sure to check out our new RoboVac G30 if you don’t require help with the mopping but still want a great clean.


eufy team


I am still not convinced about the mopping function!
But may be there is one to test, so I can change my opinion. :wink:

I am very satisfied with our “old Willy” - > more than 2 1/2 years old now.
He is working like a youngster (same as me! :rofl::rofl:)


Hey!! How are you doing Franz?

Feels like forever since I’ve talked to you guys :joy:


I am doing fine, Pei! :grinning:

By the way you have been “disappearing” for a while.
I was/am here in daily service ! :rofl:

I have to do snow shoveling here now.
Keeps my old bones mobile.


Vacuums that dont suckWas just coming to share on this.


I just saw a commercial for another Vac and was like pretty cool. I wonder when Eufy will make one and Boom, you have. :rofl:


I too am a little skeptical of the mopping but still really nice deal you’re offering


I’d like to see this in action before purchasing one


Some good savings there @AnkerOfficial


I saw it saying one left as this seems to be flying off the shelves. Now says unavailable

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I don’t have a RoboVac yet. Maybe I can hold out until it also folds clothes. LOL. I can’t wait to see reviews on this RoboVac.


see that would be a huge setting point :rofl:

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I absolutely love our old 11 gen 2 model. I’m still not sold on the mopping function as many reviews have come back mediocre at best. Hopefully we can get some community reviews in! Maybe some testers as @Chiquinho has stated :wink:


Would be good to read a thorough review before buying. Anyone?


A vacuum cleaner that can mop doesn’t seem like a great combination to me. Probably because most of my floors are carpet, but even in the hard surface areas I would be worried about overspill at the edges.

But I don’t have a robovac yet, hopefully they will blow me away when I get one.


If you will be on the safe side go for a “simple one”.
Works and most of their “issues” can be solved. :grinning:


Checked it out here, shade below $600… will have to confirm with the horse with two humps… and his siblings… :roll_eyes:

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Nice deal. But I am happy with my RoboVac12s

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I was nt thinking it would be up to that much.