Saving 2 floors @ L70

Hi there,

I would like to know, if its possible to save a second floor @ the L70 map(s).?
I know have this great robovac for about 2 days and now I‘d like to clean up the second floor in our house.

Greetings from Germany

seems to me that L70 is quite a new product from the EUFY-RoboVac line.
Not many may have this in use here as far I know.
You could ask customers directly at
But mostly there is not much help.

Gutes Neues Jahr & Grüße aus München

Hi @dgsoberland, unfortunately, RoboVac L70 Hybrid does not currently support multi-floor mapping. However, this functionality may be added via a future software update.

hi, is there any improvement about it? Will multi-floor mapping come or it will not be supported in l70?

not yet im very sad for that. i bought the l70 for my house and every day of I moved to the second floor and it’s errase all configuration :man_facepalming:. But in the history it’s save and show all maps it’s only software problem but they don’t do nothing. :cry: I hope they solved this problem soon.