Save Time, Save Money, Save the Day

Are you holding out for a hero?

Never fear, Anker is here! We’ve put together the world’s most formidable group of heroes, brimming with power. And the cost to get them on your team won’t set you back an ounce’s worth of vibranium.

So who’s on the roster of our league of champions? First off…

There’s PowerCore+ 26800 PD, a veritable power plant for your palm. The ultra-high capacity will make you question the laws of physics as PowerCore+ delivers a high-speed charge to your USB-C devices—again, and again, and again. With its faithful PD charger sidekick to regenerate its power at freakish speeds, PowerCore+ won’t let you down.

Next up is the astonishingly versatile PowerPort I. It’s the one-and-only wall charger that can power up an entire family simultaneously without getting winded. With a single Power Delivery port and four PowerIQ 1.0 ports, the evils of slow charging and lack of port space have seen their last days.

And if you need an extra Power Delivery port, PowerPort Speed is here to finish what its big brother started!

You definitely don’t want to meet PowerLine II in a dark alley. We’re talking about tensile strength that’s capable of supporting an adult man. A bulletproof fiber core that grants a lifespan 12 times longer than mere mortal cables. We’re so confident in PowerLine II that we back it with a lifetime warranty. That’s a hero you can count on.

From now through May 31st, recruiting all of our Power Delivery squad has never been easier. Just choose the right hero for your mission below, and click over to Amazon for deals so good, you’ll think we mutated them in a secret lab.

Power On, Anker fans!

(33% OFF) PowerCore+ 26800 PD with PD Charger
Valid Locations: US Only
Valid Time: May 21st-May 31st

(30% OFF) PowerPort I PD with 1 PD and 4 PIQ
Valid Locations: US, CA, DE
Valid Time: May 21st-May 31st

(21% OFF) PowerPort Speed 1
Valid Locations: US, CA
Valid Time: May 21st-May 31st

(30% OFF) Powerline II USB-C to C Cable 3ft
Valid Locations: US, DE
Valid Time: May 21st-May 31st


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Good deal, that first one drops to 80 bucks with the discount code. Not the best since we have seen the price increase in the past few months, but still decently priced.


Whoops! I did not see this (mainly because it’s incorrectly placed in the Soundcore brand) and just posted all of these deals (plus a few more)… but I didn’t get the other countries.

Mods @ndalby @TechnicallyWell - not sure what you want to do with mine, but at least move this one to the appropriate location.


Was just about to post on yours :grin: Will sort it out…


Your thread has been updated as DOTD for the Capsule with a ref to here for the deals…

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I hope it wouldn’t, an ounce vibranium would cost $283,500 :nerd_face:

“According to the comics, the material costs $10,000 per gram, and Wakanda’s Vibranium vaults have 10,000 tons of the stuff”


Some additional Power Delivery deals…

Anker PowerPort II PD: $23.99 with code ANKERPD9 (save $6 - rated 5.0 :star:)

IT’S BACK! —> Anker PowerPort Speed 1 PD (60W): $32.99 with code ANKERPD6 ($7 off - not yet rated :star:)


really nice deals for those that need it thanks for sharing

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Nice set of deals. Been drooling over the PowerCore+ for a while.

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nice deals :ok_hand:

I may have drooled a little bit over the PowerPort Speed 1 deal. Now if only Apple would give the OK for other companies to make a Lightning to USB-C.

hmmmm I may need to pick up a couple extra powerports with these prices!

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I have this and it works really good,you would not be disappointed with it.

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Nice deals. Get them while they are on sale.

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@AnkerOfficial this description is wrong the product pictured is the PowerPort PD USB-C and does not have 4 power IQ 2.0 port it has 1 30w PD USB-C port and 4 power IQ 1.0 ports.

Update: problem fixed


Very nice lineup. Especially for late model Mac users.
Looking forward to the 45W version of the PowerPort Speed that will charge my Lenovo X1… let’s make it happen Anker.

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60W won’t work?

The email says these deals end tomorrow… :confused:

60W would work great!
But I’m confused… there’s some ambiguity between your post here and the listing which says 30W. Whish is it?