Save on a eufyCam kit at Micro Center

Hey, eufy fans!

Peanut butter and jelly. Pen and paper. Chips and dip. eufy and Micro Center.

All perfect partnerships, I’m sure you’d agree. We are in the mood to celebrate our friendship with Micro Center! We want to bring you, the eufy fans, a chance to save $50 on a eufyCam 2-Cam Kit and Sensor when you buy at Micro Center.

Enjoy 365-day surveillance from 1 charge and full HD coverage, meaning you can keep a constant eye on what matters most. With no monthly fees and secure local storage, eufyCam is a safe, affordable answer to home security.

This exclusive offer is only available through Micro Center either online or in 25 stores across the Country. Don’t miss out as this offer is only available from June 3rd to June 30th.

Find online at


Not for the lost ones, over the pond!
But for me it doesn’t matter I never will be lamenting!


Good luck US members :thumbsup:

Welp live in the uk

Nice deal for our friends across the pond.

great deal :thumbsup:

not a bad deal!

microcenter is not very common and they have presence in only a few states, But sometimes they run amazing deals.
in 2007 I bought my first mac (a macbook) for 20% off retail (brand new) in Cincinnati microcenter when sales on mac’s were like meeting aliens.

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Great deal, thanks for sharing @AnkerTechnical

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Nice deal!

Good deal!

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Thanks for the deals

Was able to find the 2 cam EufyCam pack with 2 additional contact sensor at Walmart for $349.

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