Save Big on a Great Eufy Desk Lamp! [Expired]

Anker currently has their Eufy Lumos A4 on sale for $19.99. The regular price is $29.99; this is a true bargain!

I own their Lumos A1 and Lumos E1 lamps and am very pleased with both of them! This one seems to be a mixture between the two, as it is very compact but seems to have multiple color modes and more even lighting. Let me know if you pick one up, or share your experiences with this lamp (or any of their lamps) if you already own it!

Update: sold out. Did anyone end up picking up one?

Wish this came with built in qi charger and charge port I would buy one in a second.

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so if the led chip is broken, it cannot be replaced right?

Anker will send you a replacement unit if it’s within 18 months of purchase. :grinning: