Samsung Super Fast Charging

I am looking at Anker PowerPort USB chargers. Do any of them support Samsung Super Fast Charging incorporated into S10, S20 and S21 range? I have a Samsung Power Bank that does this and the the charger that came in the box. I have a couple of Anker USB 4 port chargers with both USB A and C but none of them charge as fast as the Samsung products.
It may be that Anker do not support this but cannot get a definitive answer. Any advice appreciated

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Hey @simondennis101
I too am a Samsung user and Anker fan wishing Anker releases more chargers compatible with Samsungs newer models.
Unfortunately they seem to be Apple focused upgrading certain chargers to support 20w charging.

You’ll need one of the few Anker chargers that support PPS for S20 range and higher.
PowerPort Atom III Slim 63w is one that springs to mind and one ill be picking up when Amazon discounts.
I think they also do a single port USBC which is 60 or 65w which is fine if you have a MacBook you need to use it with.

Hi Paul
I have seen PP Slim. It’s discounted on Amazon currently. But if you look at reviews it definitely does not support Samsung Super Fast charging which is what I’m looking at. I can’t find anything from Anker or anyone other than Samsung, who provide a powerbank, who sell a USB charger that provides this feature

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Ah, well it wouldn’t be the first time Amazon gets incorrect information on its listings, unless you’re confusing the Atom III “63w” as opposed to the “65w”?

I don’t own any Samsung phones but from what I have gleaned from searching is you need PPS and PDO. That then allows the 10V to be selected which is what Samsung needs. Without PPS PDO then you get the standard PD voltages of 5V 9V 12V 10V and as 9V is rejected you end up with 5V so no better than non-PD.

Anker makes a few PPS chargers but I’ve not seen them mention PDO, so not optimistic anything works, unless a post pops up here saying a Samsung owner has verified a charger works.

However to me, this is somewhat academic because:

  • Powercore exists, from small 5000 to top-up during day through 20000 which can last days
  • so you have no reason to be not with a Powercore, small in pocket or larger in bag
  • as it’s with you, your phone never needs to get low on power, you’d requires of hours of use before phone low on power and there’s ample time to connect the Powercore you have
  • so noone really needs to have fast charging, because the situation of being low on power and a brief time near wall socket, simply never occurs.
  • 10W is ample enough for the small batteries in phones (3000 - 5000mAh).
  • faster charging just saves a few minutes
  • once you’re above 80% full then you don’t ingest more than 5W-10W anyway (trickle charge)
  • Not just Samsung, no one needs a fast charger.

Better buy a stock Samsung charger


I too have read about PPS PDO. And I agree it does not look like Anker have a product right now.
I respectfully disagree about need for Fast Charging. When you are on your phone all day being attached to a powercore is not an option. The super fast charging gets phone from low to decent battery life very quickly. It’s impressive. And that means back up work far faster.

Got one. But the USB chargers with multiple ports reduce number of chargers you need to carry with you. Prefer to travel light!

That’s true, seems like you mightbhave to look at another company. Since I don’t think Anker has the charger you are looking for

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i have the OnePlus equivalent - DASH charging, it increases from 10W to 18W. I barely use it as phone barely ever less than 80%.

I have a Powercore II 6700, 10000 PD, 20000 PD, those keep my from ever needing fast charging.

There’s plenty of times not using phone when connected is not an issue.

It does take a degree of mental rewiring, undoing the marketing pressure.

Where I do need fast charging is tablets and the Powercore, but currently I don’t need more than 18W.

As to when Anker does PPS PDO, I suspect they will but they don’t really give roadmap, the products just appear, then someone notices, then wait for a test by a user. Anker makes use of chips which their competitors use, Anker tends to test a bit longer so as a hint look at their competitors and add 1-3 month delay and Anker then does it too.

I pre-ordered the Samsung S21 and will be using the PowerPort Atom III Slim for this phone when it arrives. It doesn’t support PPS, but it does deliver up to 30W with the Samsung S21 requiring 25W.

I believe the S21 also supports Power Delivery 3.0. Doe the PowerPort Atom III Slim support PD 3.0?

This 65W supports PPS:

Revisiting this. Besides the link I posted above, is Anker releasing a PPS & PD 3.0 charger any time soon? Foldable plug, single port, dual port wall adapter as well as 25W PPS supporting portable charger.

Anker shares factories with other brands and other brands are, so there’s no underlying reason why not. When Anker has been asked why so slow they cite reliability and cost, which are good reasons to wait but wears thin eventually.

You can see what is possible, what competitors are doing here

Some USA products from Anker show up in China, Taiwan or Japan first which are not so English language heavy so less noticed by the average English focused community.

So you see very small > 20W chargers from others.

E.g. 25W

E.g. 30W

So I’m of the view of soon from Anker probably after some units have passed burn-in tests in the lab. Heat is the issue which impacts longevity hence warranty. Anker’s 18 months warranty would tend to cause a longer testing.

Yeah, if it’s not iPhone related, it won’t generate a buzz at Anker. Same thing with USB-C back in the day.

Samsung is releasing a ton of PPS supporting devices so Anker should jump on it. I had to buy a competitor’s car charger that supports PPS and it works great with “Super fast charging”.

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Makes sense. Anker is very USA centric and USA is very Apple centric. Market share etc.

The general trend at Anker seems to drifting away from chargers the average price of launched products is drifting up. The days of $20 earbuds is now $99, the newer Powercore are all higher, hubs > $100, Nebula $500+++, etc

So I think the voices within Anker wanting to make a 30W compact charger is going to struggle when there’s $100+++ products vying for attention.

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It supports Super Fast Charging? Can you PM me the link or post here the one you got?


I thought the issue was PDO, not PPS? Anker currently sells PPS, but not yet PDO.


What’s PDO? I think they have charging bricks with PPS but not car chargers, I haven’t looked recently honestly

PDO = Power Delivery Objects.

The fastest Samsung charging requires PPS and PDO it says here:

But then it says PDO is replaced with PPS so does that mean PPS is all you need?

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I “think” it’s both.
Although the Atom III Slim “63w” doesn’t state PDO (from what I can see from a quick online scan) but it does quote its compatible with Samsung Super Fast Charging, but not 45w Super Fast Charging.
So i take thats its only compatible with 25w Super Fast charging.

As clear as a block of lead :man_shrugging:t2:

I think RavPower has a line of PDO PPS chargers from a brief online search - buy not thatbive seen for I’m car use @ikari04warrior

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