Samsung’s new USB PD controllers support 100W charging and meet PD 3.0 standards

As the title says, new 100w USB PD controllers were just announced.

Check out the full article here:

Guess maybe that 120w charger is not so far off… :slight_smile:


Nice article, not seen anywhere Anker using Samsung controllers for the chargers… or do they?

Not sure what controllers they use, but the new technology is pretty exciting either way! Imagine being able to charge a battery pack at 100W. lol

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Sounds great!

Faster charging excites everyone :grinning:

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Remember faster charging means more heat and battery degradation

I’ve seen this article a couple times today :thumbsup: thanks for sharing it here

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I wasn’t aware of that :confused:. Maybe faster charging isn’t for me…

Hopefully Anker builds compatible 120W charger and powerbank batteries… And some day Anker Phone :grinning:

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I wonder what they would name their phone…

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Already been announced, and there is already a post about it :wink:

I’m the future, please try to keep all discussion In the correct threads. It keeps everything in order… :joy: jk

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Oh yea I forgot about that thread :laughing: