Samsung looking to power wireless TV's

In This article it describes Samsung applied for a patent which would allow them to power their tv’S wirelessly. If this becomes a hit we may see other companies looking for ways to market that for cell phones and possibly other household items.

For now their system comprises of 3 parts. A wireless transmitter, a sound bar with dual could, and a receiver. This allows you to hang your TV anywhere without unsightly wires.

So tell us, do you think this is something you would like to use and see mass marketed? I personally welcome it and can’t wait to see what others can bring to the table… But for now let’s get that working for cell phones asap


I don’t know if this will work. Last time a company patented a way to wirelessly power something like this it didn’t end up turning out well.

If it does work, I think the biggest application of the technology would be electric cars. You would never have to stop and charge if your car automatically charged while driving.

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These innovations take sometime before they hit the consumers, since this is only a patent at this stage, add another 3-5 years for general release.

I am still waiting for the paper thin Television demonstrated by LG on regular consumer price which you could apply just as a canvas on wall or ceiling :slight_smile:

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Don’t worry, they appointed the same team that design the Note 7 battery for this project :eyes:

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interesting…less wires, but probably going to wildly expensive… like most newer technologies.

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Please get over that already, million software people obviously have. Never mind Samsung phones were not the only ones caught on fire

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Which one was it?

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Haha, Apple.

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Great response @Anjou1888 ! If TVs nowadays take 120v input then what would the wireless power requirements be to power up a TV? How many volts + amps are needed for the tuner and display? Guess a 75" iPad would do the trick!

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I know right! People still give hell to Samsung over that. But I’m actually glad it happened, since then, they have added more battery testing and more measurements to prevent them from catching on fire again. And little by little they have incremented their battery sizes without issues


It supposed to be funny, but i guess @Tank left his sense of humor in his other computer.

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::relaxed: Hype is real for thin tvs

More real innovation would be nice. This is going to be the year of TV innovation :heart_eyes::smile:

The thing that gets me is that they have been dangling the idea of this for phones for some time and have not really come to any conclusion as to how to achieve it (from what I last read). I know the tech is years out and can see why they are jumping on getting a patent already, so it will hopefully be worth the wait. And nothing like adding a couple of more cancer causing things into the air *sarcasm *

I’m ok with them taking the time for the cell phone aspect, but I am intrigued by the TV being powered wirelessly. It would save so much space, time and design this way so it would be interesting even more to see where this takes us next.

Very interesting innovations from Samsung.

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I would be scared of such thing in my living room.
I prefer the cable.

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