Samsung Galaxy X: 5 things to expect from the foldable smartphone

I found this article minutes after posting original post.
This is Samsung’s foldable smartphone

So now that a foldable phone has been made by a reputable and popular company (minus a few phonefires​:iphone::fire::fire_engine:) do you plan on getting one? Or do you think it is just a fad?


I see the potential and may like it if I had one in my hands. But I’m rough on my phones so my concern would be durability.


It looks like flip phones are making a comeback!

So it begins, a wave of bending phones but this time on purpose :grin:

Anyone else find it kinda annoying that they didn’t give a better view on the phone during it’s opening / shutting segment…it’s almost like they had some design flaws to hide in the dark…

They said that they were hiding the actual design as to prevent copycats. It’s also not a finished product and was more to show off what they have to get developers on board with what’s to come

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@elmo41683 Ah that explains it, only caught parts on the news and a few twitter feeds this morning (without audio)…

It looks interesting