S1 Connectivity Issue

I installed a ROAV S1 dashcan several months and everything seemed to be fine. This week I was rear ended and while the incident wasn’t my fault I wanted to bring up the video. I have an iPhone 6 running iOS 12.1.2, but can’t seem to connect to the dashcam. I can see the dashcam when I look at the wifi signals, but It will not connect when I select. The password should be correct, but is the a way to check?

The WiFi password should be: goroavcam
It might look like your phone doesn’t connect and continues to show “LTE” in the status bar, but if you go to the Roav app after selecting the WiFi network, the app should start working and allow you to access your videos.
If all else fails, you could always insert the MicroSD card into your computer (you may need an SD card adapter, which is usually included with the MicroSD card when you purchase it) and pull the video files directly from the card.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, it very rarely gives me an opportunity to enter the password. When I go to the wifi settings on my iPhone, I can see the ROAV signal. I click on it and It will look like it is accessing, but then go back to the “choose a network” section. It is probably something about my iPhone, since I have two ROAV’s doing the same thing.

If your dash cam is in your list of recent connected WIFI networks, have you tried forgetting the network and trying to connect again using the password above?