S1 and C1 Dashcam Vehicle safety

In reference to the ROAV S1 and C1, in particular the newest Anker Dashcam the S1

Could I run two? 1 front dashcam and rear camera without any problems? I don’t know if they would interact negatively with each other.

What if I were to choose the C1 dashcam for rear video and the S1 for front facing. Would that be possible?

Has anyone tried anything like this?

The newest dashcam is the Dashcam Duo, you can read my review Here

It allows fron and interior recordings and doesnt rely on the app to pull video files likethe two you mentioned. Technically you can run both that you listed and some have, but thats up to you how you want to set it up. If i did it i would use the S1 for front and the C1 for rear, and i wouldnt use the app i would just pull the sd card for footage


Okay thanks

Thats what I was thinking the s1 up front and c1 in the back. Didnt know if I would have communication errors but if I’m pulling directly from the sd card that would be simpler.

Thank you!

So what I was referring to was a front facing dash cam and a rear facing one, showing the OUTSIDE of the vehicle. Im not worried about inside. I don’t do ride share or any of that

There isn’t a problem running those cameras. I was running the C2 and a S1 at the same time. Then I did the Duo for beta. I had all 3 running. Duo/S1 in the front and the C2 in the back glass. This setup works great. The C2 does take up a lot of window but the suction cup keeps the window tint from being damaged.

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