Russia to disconnect from the internet as part of a planned test

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Thanks for the link, it wasn’t an interesting read :+1: wonder if something like that would happen in the US

If it wasn’t interesting why you thank me for it… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Its a great test tbh. Identify viability of your infrastructure in the event of war/crisis/etc. It will be interesting to see if there are any results available.

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Yeah, it’s going to be interesting. I bet the Russians are upset though :joy:

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Read in a Russian accent.

In Soviet Russia people do not get upset they drink vodka & eat potatoes and be happy unlike like silly capitalist American :pig::pig:’s


My bad, guess my auto-correct decided it wasn’t interesting. Meant to say it was


Oh. Lol. Autocorrect hates me too.

I usually proof-read my messages before I hit ‘reply’ but I guess this time I wasn’t paying enough attention :joy:

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