Rumor has it the Powerhouse is discontinued

And here we have a monster destroying the only piece of Anker tech I would ever wish to own if I had to choose only one that is… :cry:

I have no information here.

I only have logic.

It is logical the > 18 months old Powerhouse be either upgraded, or cancelled. It contained a number of basic flaws, which could be resolved.

Anker public statements have been they were positively surprised by the Powerhouse success. It is in many ways better than peers like GoalZero. That would hint at a successor.

However, the lack of Anker hints on a new Powerhouse implies it is cancelled. Contrast with hints in other products.

My current guess, I’d say 60% probability, from the lack of hints, is it is indeed cancelled.

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Can’t say I’m overly surprised if it has been, mainly due to the item cost and restriction of sale to the US market only. When you compare it to the rest of Anker’s product range (which by and far is accessible to the global market in one way or another) it had to be at the bottom of the sales list, although not the undesirable list for a few.

I wish we could own one, would be great to power my CPAP machines be when power was out

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We may prepare to upgrade the powerhouse next year.


This product is a beast !

hopefully with fusion reactor, plug stuff into the wall is so last year! :laughing:

Anker averages in it’s Powercore range $0.5/Wh at usual prices but the Powerhouse never got below $0.76/Wh and Powercore can be 0.17 oz/Wh vs Powerhouse 2.9oz/Wh.

If you need portable power really your devices need to move to USB. No USB CPAP?

Are you going to consult with customers on feedback in developing the future Powerhouse?

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I only have what they gave me, so no it’s not USB. Just regular old plug

100Wh portable battery TSA FAA CA limits transportation. USA plug limits countries.

Help everyone by contacting manufacturer and ask they make USB powered future alternative.

I know it doesn’t help today but it will help everyone in the future. To require 110V AC which the machine then makes DC causes power inefficiency and weight worsening.

True but offering products like this (which can only be sold in one region due to FAA regs) limits your market reach and in turn profits, as only country will not keep you afloat on sales. The USA plug I think was a design flaw, go for a charging method which all territories can access.

This is going to get too complex to discuss fairly.

In terse mode, the issue is use cases. What situation, what alternative.

There is an upper limit of Power/Energy, Wattage per Watt-hour using current volume manufactured cells which in turn limits the devices you can power. So the likes of refrigerator, washing machines, heaters, etc cannot be portable battery powered.

What can be powered is the 50-100W devices, but these are slowly being moved to USB-PD.

DC-DC is more efficient than DC-AC to a mains socket to then AC-DC in PSU. Laptop say with 240V AC input it PSU to 19V DC.

So if you were to be redesigning then offer a variable DC voltage output with a set of plug types would save in total on weight per unit of time of power. That and a USB-PD output would cover then 80% of use cases in a country neutral approach.

Don’t they always?

That should be a crime, death penalty for that. No one should destroy Anker products, they are a gift to humanity

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CPAP machines need more power than USB can deliver.

Not true.

Random search spent 5 seconds searching

“Typical Power Consumption: 6.3 W”

USB-PD goes up to 100W.

So what is lacking is a CPAP machine with a USB input to them use, so it is a lack if innovation problem within CPAP. It is not a problem really portable power should be causing a heavier more expensive product to hack around via AC a luddite CPAP mindset.

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Yes, we will do marketing survey before the product innovation process.:grin:


The machine I have has a Max power draw of 104 when the humidifier cycles on or off. I’d be hard pressed to be able to properly power it if it had USB port. I’d be worried about ruining the machine