Rudy Robovac 11 no light and different beep codes


I have a robovac 11 and the device no longer has a light if I plug it in to both the charging base and directly to the device. If I plug into the device directly I get a 2-tone beep like the charging beep but not the positive confirmation final beep like it used to.

It also doesn’t activate the LED at all.

Sometimes I’ve gotten a 4 beep error code as well but again, the LED doesn’t light up.

I’ve tried disconnecting the battery but that hasn’t made a difference.

I’m wondering if this is a sign of the battery being dead or if there’s something else amiss? I’d rather buy a new battery over a new device if I can help if we the performance of the device before this was great.

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Hey @David_Williams11
Have you taken a look at the charging terminals on the charging base and vacuum?
Eufys support email is
Might be running it by them for their opinion.
Keep us updated with your progress.

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You could check if the battery has power.
And dont forget to also check the charging device if there is power.

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