Rosa has amazing Customer Service skills!

I just wanted to share my experiences with Rosa and how easy it was to communicate with Rosa and get information.

I believe I have returned faulty merchandise and she was super helpful, even sending info about when Power User products woukd be available! Bravo, Rosa! We love you!!


If Rosa is really only one person, she does do an amazing job and deserves a raise.


Ah geez… Never thought of that. That’s like saying Santa Claus isn’t real or Mickey Mouse smokes on his lunch break :frowning:


Yea she is probably the only person on the customer service team. I had this defective speaker and she said she will send another speaker. Such a nice person :slight_smile:

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Rosa is pretty EPIC! I have had other CS helpers, but Rosa has always worked with PowerUsers! Love her!


Maybe there should be a forum section about CS experiences :slight_smile:

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I agree with everyone here. I have worked with Rosa many times in the past. Whenever I had a question or came across a defective product she was always very professional and extremely helpful. I asked Anker customer service if Rosa was a real person. They said yes, she works in Marketing. If she truly is a real person, she rocks…

I agree with you

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I agree too!

I think Rosa might be the only person at Anker… Its literally the only person whose name I’ve ever seen.

I really have no idea how Rosa can reply to all the messages from product defects to power user reviews in a timely fashion. :astonished:

I agree. I’ve only ever dealt with her when I have emailed Anker about products.

I have dealt with Rosa numerous times and she is great help…keep up the good work Rosa

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Ive spoken to Irene as well. She and Rosa I believe both work in marketing. They are both equally great at what they do as well. So shout out to them both! :slight_smile:

Agreed. Rosa is always great to work with!

Or maybe it’s a whole department, where coincidentally everyone is named Rosa… Hmmmm, Anker might just possibly be that creative… Gooooooooooo, Rosa!!!(s)? :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Non Rosas need not apply. :joy:

lol :joy: what even