Roller Brush wears out

The square nub on the drive side of the roller brush wears out (square corners are worn smooth). Original lasted several months. Replaced with multiple roller brushes both from Eufy and Amazon. These all wore out after a few days. If I put a slim washer on the bearing side of the brush I can get it to last a few weeks.

Any suggestions?

have you checked the other end of the brush.
The little wheel there should be running free.

Do a check of this “wheel side”.
May be there is something which disturbs the brush from rolling.

I’ve checked that and it’s the cleanest part of the assembly. In fact there is a 1 mm gap there that let’s it spin freely but also let the drive side back out. That’s why I put a washer in the gap, which helped but didn’t fix the problem. This is my second vacuum that does this. The first was replaced under warranty when it had the same problem. The replacement lasted several months before the same problem reappeared.

Make a photo, please.
May be the tinkers here ( like me) got an idea.
By the way thats really not normal.
But may be we can help.

Hmm put some vaseline or lube on it so it rolls smoother, maybe the grinding is making it wear out quickly

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Photo of brush with a washer slipped into the bearing side to take up the slack

Now I know!
There are always probs.
Do a grinding of this and care about that this plastic wheel is free.
You could try a little shot of silicone oil in between wheel and brush.
But I see a kind of metal at the top of the arrow.
You put it there?
Is this your addition?
Normally there is nothing there.
This end of the brush has to be totally free!

The whole assembly spins freely especially when the drive side nub wears off.

Too bad you can’t get replacement parts