Roller Brush Drive Belt

I’ve looked around quite a bit, several times, and cannot seem to find an answer!

Awhile back I discovered that the roller brush on our Robovac 11 was not spinning. Upon inspecting, it seems to me that the belt is the problem - the teeth are quite worn and the belt is certainly far smoother than it should be to engage the drive shaft gear (sorry, no pic, I don’t have it torn down right now).

I understand that these vacs are, sadly, designed to be disposable. I’m trying my best to not give in and find a solution, but I cannot find a source for a replacement ANYWHERE! And surprisingly, I have not found one discussion on this either.

So… anyone have a tip on replacement belt source?? As far as alternate solutions, I can’t think of one… kind of need the belt to make it work correctly…

Fotos would be more than helpfull.
Please take those!

Could be something like this:


Okay you got me to take it apart. And, thanks to some of the videos I’ve watched recently, I was more comfortable breaking it down a little more (like, I hadn’t detached the motor from the housing before). Soooo… yeah I did find one of the motors pretty bound up with hair! Took my time and cleaned it ALL out until things were rotating freely again. Reassembled, charged up a bit and… back to working. So, false alarm on the belt, not sure why I latched onto that before because it looks mostly fine. There did appear to be a little deformation where there motor screws into the transmission housing, so it sits just slightly askew, but it seems to be back to working just fine again.


Great you were successful!
Enjoy the sunday with working robot!