RoboVacs on sale today on Amazon UK


£169.99 down from £259.99

I love mine, telling Alexa to vacuum is great - and far less painful than telling the wife to do it!! (Joking before anyone takes offense)


£149.99 down from £219.99

Can’t comment on the 11S, don’t have one myself - but a great price.


I saw these earlier on Amazon when I was ordering my Icon mini. They are cracking deals to be had!

Nice deal !!

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I’m still trying to get one of my friends to get a robovac… to no avail

Loving my Icon Mini - I’ve done a review on here, my Amazon review not gone live yet…

Great little speaker

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@Noel_Taylor that’s awesome! Mine is arriving tonight. It reminds me a lot of the SoundCore Sport that I’ve got, so that’s gonna be a good comparison for it. :slight_smile:

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great deal :smile:

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