"RoboVac's" everywhere now?

This peculiar RoboVac just showed up on my Amazon Suggestions today :smile: very similar ad, brands are getting very creative :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anybody own other brand robot vacuums? opinions?
I’m not advertising, just curious :stuck_out_tongue:

Love my Eufy’s <3

Many different brands around,
though the design seems very similar.
Even Euvy has to many models listed.

I just thought it was funny to see the name “RoboVac” with another brand. :stuck_out_tongue:

Either they payed eufy money to use that name, or eufy hasn’t trademarked it, or that company did something illegal. The second is most likely imo

Robovac is a generic name not in particular owned by any one company. Its general name was short for robotic vacuums that originally came out sometimes around 1996. Its nothing new, just more and more companies are using it in their name

Oh I figured it was an anker specific name, mainly because of the capital “v”. Idk, something about it makes it look special lol. My bad

Never heard of them before

Not going to lie, I love my Roomba i7+ The self emptying ability is truly wonderful

Emptying is like to care about.
This helps to make the robot more personal.
And you see what he has caught.
I found things which I was missing since a long time. :joy:

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My house is too big for the dust bin with pets and other family members so it would only run for a little while, get full, then stop. Not very useful :framed_picture:

Plus, if you get too close to them emotionally it’ll be harder to destroy them when they revolt.

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Personally I think the self emptying feature looks awesome!

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Never would destroy my little robot Willy.

What a harsh word.:joy:

As a retired man who is not working I would not be liked to get destroyed also.

But I never start a revolution.
Ask my wife. :joy::joy::joy:

I would love to have the self emptying feature, however I’ll have to agree with @Chiquinho about keeping that personal relationship cleaning and emptying Lil’Vac (that’s my RoboVac’s name :rofl:) and finding interesting things he sucks in around the house. :stuck_out_tongue:

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