Mein RoboVac11 funktioniert nicht mehr. Er fährt und nach ein Meter bleibt er stehen und piepst vier mal. ICh habe dieBürste schon gereinigt, den Filter und den Tank auch. Ich verzweifel gerade ein wenig.

My RoboVac11 is not working anymore. He drives and after a meter he stops and beeps four times. I already cleaned the brush, the filter and the tank too. I’m just a little bit in despair.

Hallo Oliver,
Super, dass Du dein Anliegen auch gleich in Englisch geschrieben hast.
Schön Dich hier zu treffen! :smiley:

We, here in the community use English.
I am a German as well.

Please do the following steps.
You cleaned all properly, you mentioned.
Put the on/off-switch (at the bottom of the robot) to “off” and again to “on”.
If this doesn’t help, remove the battery from the 11S (open the screws at the bottom and unplug and replug the battery)

If this all doesn’t help contact the support

If there are more questions, we, all from the community are here to help you.

Greetings from München Franz :grin:

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I just got my Robovac 11 but I haven’t opened yet. And I like German cars. :grin:


If it works, why should you open it? :grin: