RoboVac11+ Brush fault

Have had my RoboVac less than a month. 1st week it was a learning curve.

Week 2 liking it but started getting three beeps and solid red light. Cleaned the brush it would go. Was planning on purchasing a second unit for downstairs.

Week 3 brush code (3 beeps solid red) as soon as it comes out of the docking station. Can get it to run with remote but 5 minutes later same codes.

Have tried clearing the brush emptying the bin checked the little arm brushes…

Any advice before I send it back.

Contacted support via email but not expecting a response anytime soon.

It might be a defective, ya might aswell wait for them to answer

Be sure to turn it over and take out the dust tray and brush housing etc and check it thoroughly. Mine was doing it but I had a paper clip stuck underneath there. Didn’t see it st first. If you are still having issues then Email and give them the serial number, place of purchase and the problem :thumbsup:

@nkf1758, we are for all the inconvenience our Robovac 11+ caused! Please be assured that we always stand behind our products and we are glad to help you exchange it if the issue turns out to be with it.

We understand you have cleaned the brushes, but could you please make sure you have cleaned the connectors (2 ends of rolling brush / under side brushes / on the machine)? Also, could you please remove the brush guard, rolling brush, then run the cleaner --without-- them and let us know whether the error persists?

If the problem persists, could you please contact us via our email with your Amazon order number? We will help you replace or return it once we confirmed your issue and your order detail.

We appreciate your time and looking forward your reply!


I came across this issue the other day. It wouldn’t even turn on. I had dog hair wrapped around the spinning bushes that stick out the front. Even though it cleans under the couch several times a week it found more fur.

I had to remove the cylinder brush, the connectors, cleared the hair from the front sweeping brushes (might have to remove the front brushes). I found the fur had wedge it up into areas of the unit I couldn’t see until I took it apart. After removing the hair using the supplied tools, clean the dust shoot and wiping down the sensors, power down the unit (power button to do a restart) and pulling the batteries from the remote and resetting everything it started working. Took about 20 minutes to get it running.