Robovac starts cleaning randomly

My robovac (11+) has worked well for a couple of months since I bought it, but over the late week it’s started cleaning randomly. I do not have it set for scheduled cleaning, and usually jus start it manually after I’ve cleared wires and pet toys from the floor.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Do you have any suggestions to make it behave?


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To describe a bit more. Each of the last three nights, the unit has started cleaning on its own, at or around 12:00 am. I don’t want it to run at night (beeping is loud and annoying, and it’s too dark in the house).

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Mine starting doing this about 2 months in. I pulled the batteries out of the remote, powered down the robovac, and unplugged the base for a few minutes. I plugged the base back in, then I put fresh batteries in the remote, and then powered up the Robovac. For me it stopped turning on around midnight. Try doing this in the same order.

Make sure to set the clock on the remote. That could also be the issue.

If none of these things works for you contact support via . make sure to tell them what troubleshooting steps you have tried. Also give them the serial number and purchase date. These steps will help speed up the process.

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Maybe it’s bored sitting in its dock and wants something to do.

Maybe it’s just a night owl and prefers to sleep during the day.

I don’t have one so I can’t really help :grimacing: but try the steps as above. I’m sure the support team will be able to assist further if needed.

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Mine started doing the exact same thing. I have owned it 2 months. I turned the auto start off. unset the timer. reset it then unset it until the robovac beeped in response. I have never used the timer, I manually start it. There is nothing selected on the remote. Only the time shows. But in the middle of the night it, just randomly turns itself on. It wakes us up EVERY NIGHT.

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If you can’t help, don’t reply. Especially with a dumb unhelpful post. You are only trying to get “points” for your profile? Where is the UNLIKE and USELESS response button?


@Michelle_Davis2 Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed that day?? :thinking:

I don’t reply to every post so I am by no means purely commenting to build up points. But you are entitled to your opinion.

What I will say is that if this forum was purely based on facts and figures, without personalities, then it would be a very dry and boring place. And in regards to the my sarcastic post you will note I ended it advising to follow the steps pointed out in the post above and stating that the support team would be able to assist if needed.

P.s welcome to the forum :v:t2:

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The solution is to remove the Eufy vacuum from the dock, and turn off the power switch on the side of the vacuum. Then reset the remote control by clicking the schedule button (bell in a circle) three times, holding the button down the third time until the bell disappears. Leave the vacuum off for a few minutes before turning the power switch back on. Should be fine after this.

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Good to see it’s solved but [quote=“maltovich, post:2, topic:59633”]
I don’t want it to run at night (beeping is loud and annoying
[/quote]is something I hate to read. Can’t that beeping be turned off? I think many people clean at night. For example households with small kids that are home all day.

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I agree. The same thing is happening to me. No timer has ever been set. I will try the suggestions in this forum and hope it works.

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Do that what James is proposing.
In most of the time it helps!

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the robovac should include a speaker so as the robo vac turns on it plays music maybe?

Playing a waltz probably and dance 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3…

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My Eufy 11+ started coming on at midnight when I had no schedule set and that field on the remote was blank.

I called Eufy customer service and was told to remove the vacuum from the base, press and hold the button on the remote that has a small clock in front of a piece of paper on it until I heard two beeps. This clears the “phantom” schedule in the remote.

After the end of the first week my Eufy came on at midnight. However I had accidentally hit the timer button, which defaults to midnight (Hmmm) and that was my issue. Killed the switched, reset the timer where it no longer shows midnight in the window, and all is well. I am sure I am the only one that did this however. Just in case anyone else does.

This happens very often.
If you are not sure about the setting of the remote, you can do a simple reset by in/out the battery of the remote.

It happens all the time. My little one likes to play with remote and the Duchess (11S model) and she often set the timer and we get surprises like you had @Mac_McInvaille :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The Duchess and my 1 yo are great friends now :smiley: