Robovac side brush slipping, noisy and not turning.

Bought a Robovac 30C 18months ago and have been generally pleased with the performance. However, lately one of the side brushes is slipping, the mechanism inside is noisy and grinds and the brush turns, then slips and turns then slips. Almost as if the gears inside are slipping. Of course typically the warranty is only 12 months and has now expired. Is there anything that can be done? The product should last more than 18months, warranty intact or not!

Seems the gears of this motor are defective.
So you have to swap the motor unit which is available at EUFY’s website.

But ask there first if the motor fits 100% to your RoboVac

I swapped that motor at my 11S.
Easy if you have some skills.
There is a video how to do :

Dropbox - disassemble side brush motor.avi - Simplify your life

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