Robovac side brush never stops spinning!

Brand new Eufy Robovac 11s, bought it a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday after it finished cleaning I pressed stop but one of the side brushes kept spinning. It spins even when charging, it only stops if I turn it off entirely (using the red switch at the bottom)! I even tried removing the battery for a few minutes so that it could reset, just in case, but the same still happens. Anyone else?

Youla from Greece :slight_smile:


A never reported issue. :thinking:
Contact the support and let us know if you get a satifying solution.
Greeting from München to Greece!

Hello Franz,
It seems that my item was defective (workaholic!), so it got replaced by the seller. The same model was not available, so I got the 35S instead. No comments yet, as I only got it this morning…
Greetings to München from (thankfully) sunny Athens!

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Sunny Athens!!!
You make me really jealous ,Youla. :smiley:
Here in München we have 5 C and fog.
This will not change the whole week.

Hope you are satisfied now with new robot.
Different model, but because you are an expert on RoboVacs meanwhile
you will make it! :grin:

Nice, I hope it works better :+1: