Robovac market competition

Hello all, was wondering what your thoughts are on general competition between robotvacuum companies? Have seen ecovacs, xiaomi, and eufy selling more on amazon. I wonder if they can give iRobot a run for their money.

Would be nice if these robovacs that can detect cables and remember obstacles using computer vision and learning technology :slight_smile:

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That would be awesome

If Eufy could come out with a higher end model that offers similar features to the Botvac D7 Connected, then I would be interested in one. It can map out the room, allow you to draw lines where you dont want it to go and can be controlled via an app. But that price of the Botvac is insane, Eufy needs to do one cheaper


Our product development is very fast, and we are released a new Robovac today!
Check the product detail below:

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I got this Robovac 11S recently.

It is doing what he should do.
It’s cleaning very properly.
Even at a room which was cleaned by hand before,
RoboVac’s container was full! :astonished:

I really don’t need ALEXA and Google connections for a such a vacuum robot.

So this simple and efficient Robovac 11S is absolutely perfect for me.
Others who need such specifations may go for other models,
which are more expensive.

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The upgraded remote looks great! Adds a bit more class to the robovac :smiley: