Robovac L70 Schedules

We have a Robovac L70 Hybrid, and absolutely love it!
There are a few things that could significantly improve it for us:

  1. Associate zones with schedules. We run our vacuum at night because we have small children and need to do a quick cleanup of the house to make sure the robot doesn’t get tangled in a shoelace or toy while running. The vacuum will sometimes wake us up going over transitions between flooring outside our room at night - being able to have a schedule set up to clean the hallway near our room during the day (low risk of eating toys there), and the living room/play area at night.
  2. We have some chairs whose metal legs aren’t visible to the LIDAR unit for some reason (They’re black if that helps). The robot can get underneath from the sides of the chair, but not the front or back. The space under the chair isn’t much larger than the vacuum, and 90% of the time when it goes under one of the chairs it gets stuck. We’ve resorted to putting the chairs upside down on our table at night (another reason we run the vacuum at night) to avoid this problem. It would be nice if the software on the vacuum could resort to retracing its steps if it gets trapped in a confined area or something to avoid this.
  3. This one is fairly minor - we have several things in our house that are tall enough for the robot to fit under, but not the LIDAR unit. It will sometimes get stuck for a few minutes trying to navigate itself out from those areas.

Appreciate for your suggestion! :+1: Will forward it the eufy team!

I second all your suggestions. I have to laugh sometimes when the L70 scoots under a table or something, can’t get out from any other direction, and doesn’t have the intelligence to back out the way it got in and has to be rescued!