Robovac giveaway (German)

So I still had this liked maybe from another giveaway that I was helping community @Chiquinho on before. Well there seems to be another giveaway. Although I liked it, I did not notice that all the text was in German. :rofl:

So if you are in that area. Good luck and will give any help needed.


Pretty cool! Now we need one in the US lol

Thank you for publishing.

Chance to get old Willy a friend :wink:

Why are they giving away a German Robovac?
I didn’t realise Robovacs had nationalities? :rofl:


I don’t know.
I will not take part, Paul.

May be here in Germany some special “cleaning” is needed.!?
(Was this political? :rofl:)

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Hey Franz, hope you and the family are well.
No, no political comments from me, I know the rules :rofl:
Just my attempt at a little humour :grinning:

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Nice for those in Germany nice find!

I could tell more about cleaning here in Germany, but this would end in politics.
So “silcencium”

All fine on the island?
I planted a little apple tree beside of my little cherry tree.
Was a special offer (ALDI 4.99 Euro :smile:)

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Oh yes, let’s not have “that” type of conversation here :grin:
All good here thanks, looking forward to the first stage of relaxing lockdown on Monday.

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Please send some garden photos of your fruit trees Franz :+1:t2:

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There will be blossoms soon.
If so, I will publish photos as usual Paul.
Take care my friend and enjoy the "relaxing “lockdown”
Big hug to Charlie the “baker” :rofl:

You could try to create Pizza!
Easy if some “rules” are respected (dough!)


We’ve made some great pizza dough using sourdough starter.

Just check Patrick Ryan out on YouTube for both starter and pizza recipe. It’s one of our favourites and is hands down better than any we buy.

Pizza steel or stone is a must for the oven, as is a peel.

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Whatever the dough is made from → sourdough or yeast.
It should rest over the night > 12hrs.
The rest is private taste
We use a mixture of the flour. ( wheat and spelt)

We could start swapping recipes at the weekend thread.

Greetings to CA from BY (code for Bavaria :grinning:)

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We have made pizza in the past.
I have little patience for dough so we cheat and buy the base and add our source and toppings :sunglasses:


wish it could avail in US

There are so many specials for the US,
let the poor “Krauts” over the pond have some things left! :rofl:

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