RoboVac G10 Hybrid manual controls and cleaning options

  1. Odd manual controls. It doesn’t turn to 90 degrees, nor 45, nor 60. It turns at a very weird angle and that makes navigation very difficult. I am forced to lift it and put it at the place I want to spot clean, or maybe another room. Cannot use the manual navigation to move it to another place due to the weird turn angle.

  2. No edge cleaning option. Sometimes it does only a part of the house and says finished cleaning. The other day, it didnt even clean a few rooms at all, sometimes it doesnt go beyond a certain point despite no obstacles. Quite weird. But the major point of concern, no edge cleaning. Due to that I only have the option to clean the entire house again instead of just having the edges cleaned whenever it fails to clean all the edges well. On the contrary, sometimes it does edge cleaning twice and by then runs out of battery.

So this is what I would like to see fixed. The angles. Make it turn at 90 degrees. or may be 45. And please push an update to include an edge cleaning option separately along with the spot cleaning. For reference, please find “360 C50” on which is also at the same price point, and may be better features with the water tank as well I might say. But it does have two spot cleaning options, one spiral and one with horizontal-vertical movements. And the most important, a separate edge clean option. I hope these are taken into account and updates can be pushed ASAP.

Perfect “edge cleaning”.
Hm, I would say it will be never perfect due to the round shape of the RoboVac.
It will never be done properly. :wink:

There is an option called “edge cleaning” on the remote.
Works so far the robot runs along the wall, that’s all.

The other probs you mentioned I can not tell something about these,
as I got a “stupid” (forgive me “old Willy”) 11S. (no maps, no apps)
But now 2 and 3/4 years old! :smile:

NO, The remote does not have an edge cleaning option and that’s what I want an update for.

I meant this option :

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Sounds like you need to clean the sensors on the vacuum, things like this generally happen when the sensor becomes dirty and the vacuum tries to determine what to do. Another thing you can do is open the battery compartment and disconnect the battery to give it a reset of sorts and see if that helps.

@Chiquinho this vacuum doesn’t have a physical remote as it uses the app to control it. But even still, as the op mentioned there is no edge cleaning like with other vacuums