Robovac g10 hybrid doesnt work well post update

I believe since the last update the movement algorithm of the robovac G10 hybrid seems to have messed up. Earlier it used to clean the entire house and have enough battery to again mop one room. Recently it keeps cleaning the same place over and over again, and runs of out of battery before it completes the cleaning, misses out certain areas/rooms entirely.
P.S: There’s no issue with the battery. It runs as long as it usually does. But it keeps cleaning the same zone repeatedly.

Any fix to this? Anyway to rollback the update or patch this update or something? Really troubling since I use it regularly to clean the house and now it doesn’t manage to clean the house even once.
Hardware wise everything is fine, no unusual bumps or directional movements, just a repeated path kind of thing.

I dont know if it makes sense to do a reset, by removing the battery and connect it after ca 20 sec.
May be you could give this a try.

Done that today, No luck. BTW, Don’t any Anker officials check the forums and revert?
The Robovac almost had a set pattern with may be once in a week a slightly different path, but almost always the same path. Now it’s completely different. Exhausting that it cannot clean the house even after 2 runs iwht auto return turned on.

OK, you should send an email to the EUFY-support.
Hope they have another idea, may be they can tell you how to “downgrade”
to the last working version of the vacc’s software.
Good luck!

No luck there, they asked to get in touch with the service team for a replacement instead of issuing a software fix, and acc to these people, and the videos I sent the device is working fine. Hope they aren’t expecting me to follow the robovac during the entire cleaning time to record how it’s going back to a cleaned place multiple times. :confused: