Robovac G10 Hybrid doesn't charge and keeps rebooting

Looks like the device ran out of charge despite being on the charging base. And it now keeps rebooting. Battery level zero on the app. If I try to start the device, it says low battery, sometimes it gives S1 error. Removed the battery for a long time and then reconnected, no change. As long as it’s on the charging base it keep rebooting.
It says charging, but in a second the led turns blue from orange.

Have you tried to contact the EUFY support?
It seems you have all done you could do.
Out/in of the battery which is a hard reset.

Yeah, they just said they were out of batteries. Nothing else.

You could dismantle the battery again and check the battery.

How to dismantle the battery?

On the bottom of the RoboVac you find the battery case.
Open it by unscrewing the cover and unplug the battery there.
After ca 1 minute connect the battery again and screw on the cover,
This indicates quasi a reset of the RoboVac and could solve some problems.

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That I have already done. Mentioned it in the post itself… Not just one minute, did it even for a longer duration as well.

Sorry, that was all I could suggest.
May be you will get better suggestions from the support or other regulars here

Is anyone from Anker even active on the community? Never recieved any help…

We are not from the ANKER staff, we are forumners.
You should contact the support.

I am not sure there is any admin reading the threads

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