RoboVac "boostiq mode"

I would really like to know HOW the robot detects such “dirty spots” and changes into this boost mode.
How does this “BOOSTIQ TECHNOLOGY” work?

Enlighten me please!
Or is this a secret! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

I do not have one, but I would assume it’s like a regular vacuum that uses dirt sensing technology. !t goes normal mode until it detects a lot of dirt and then it ramps up the sucking power in order to clean and vacauum the area.


Normal vacuums just suck harder if they are up against something they can’t pull. It probably uses a camera array or something.

But how!
The only detection unit it has are those 3 infrared sensors at the bottom.
Those are installed to detect stairs or “abyss”.
There is nothing more.

No camera installed.:grin:

It comes down to when it’s sucking up the dirt, if there is excess dirt I’m assuming it kicks it into boost mode. That’s how one of my shark vacuums use to work. If there is a little dirt it runs normal but if there is more dirt it kicks boost mode on.

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This is how it should work!
Thanks for enlightenment! :grin:

As an old fellow has a clean house it never changed to this boost mode!..hehehe!

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