RoboVac 35c Wifi issues

Has anyone gotten the new RoboVac 35C to connect to WiFi using the android app yet? Using my Pixel 3, I go through the setup process, it connects to the vacuum WiFi network, but then it shows a popup saying “Your smartphone is not connected to the “eufy RoboVac 35C” network.”

I’ve reset the wifi on the vacuum, and I’ve retried the process a bunch of times. I also reset the cache and storage for the app. I’ve got a separate 2.4 GHz SSID. So far, no luck at all. Any suggestions?

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I just figured it out. In the third step, after it failed, I manually connected to the robot’s wifi, turned off mobile data and bluetooth, and then retried. If I didn’t turn off mobile data, it wouldn’t work. Hope this helps the next person with this issue, because the instructions in the app weren’t clear.


Exactly what I was going to recommend.

@AnkerOfficial please include trouble shooting steps for when you are having trouble connecting to wifi in the RoboVac,Eufy genie,dash cam or any other device that needs to be setup over WiFi manuals


Had this same problem, on Pixel (1), turning moble data and bluetooth off didn’t work but for some reason this did: at step 3, turn airplane mode on, turn wifi on while in airplane mode, connect to efuy robovac network. That worked for me.

Thank you for saving my sanity :slight_smile:

Yes, I’d also like to thank you for saving my sanity! I have a Pixel (2) and turning on Airplane mode finally allowed me to connect.

Hi, I was triying connection for ios(phone, ipad) and android(asus zenfone) but I did not connect. I closed mobile and bluetooth conneciton. EufyHome application reinstalled. I did not connect EufyHome. My robovac is model 35c. Do you have any idea ?

Try turning off mobile data during setup.
Airplane mode then turn wifi back on.

Yes, I have tried many times. I am not connecting. This method failed me

Same here it doesnt work:( I have a Samsung phone.

Same for me with iPhone and iPad

Hi, By contacting Ankel Customer Service, i did connect robovac to app via sharing my 2nd cell phones internet with the other one and the app connected to robovac by sharing internet connection,
Downside is once i close the internet sharing robovac disconnects and doesnt recognize the home wifi and also the phone app again.
I cant believe Ankel doesnt have an effective solution, even cheapest speakerphones have connection to both app and wifi without problem.