Robovac 35C start/stop/charge commands via http

Is there a way to communicate with the robovac 35C trough the network.
I would like to integrate it directly to my Fibaro HC2 domotica network.

for example:

Is this possible?


If I had one, I would sniff the network traffic and see what can be seen.

How can I do that?

The easiest way would be to setup a unprotected wireless network and connect the robot and a PC to it. Then run wireshark and capture all the wireless traffic.

Another way would be to do a NMAP scan of the robot’s IP address and see if anything is open like 80, 443, 8443, etc.

I’ve just done a quick ‘Fing’ port scan on my 11C and there are no open ports.

Not done a full Nessus scan, but no usual http/https type ports are open.

Tried to find anything with wireshark but no luck.
Started and stopped the robovac several times but nothing coming up.

Any more suggestions?