RoboVac 35C not installing

Has anyone gotten the RoboVac 35C to connect to WiFi using the android app yet? Using my OnePlus 8 Pro, I go through the setup process, it connects to the vacuum WiFi network but instantly disconnects because there is no real internet connection. If it does connect it crashes at 99% and says it doesn’t work.

I’ve reset the wifi on the vacuum, and I’ve retried the process a bunch of times. I also reset the cache and storage for the app. I’ve got a separate 2.4 GHz SSID. So far, no luck at all. I’ve already tried turning off BlueTooth, mobile data and used airplane mode. Any suggestions?

I remember there was an issue with the WIFI’s name.
Should not have any special characters.
But not sure of it.
Others may know better.

No special characters in SSID nor in password.

I figured it all out, my phone was not auto switching to my wifi after installing. That’s why it failed at 99% because it couldnt connect

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Glad you were able to figure it out :+1:

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