RoboVac 30C running out of battery before finishing my whole apartment

Hi there,

I have a problem with my new RoboVac 30C. I’ve run it a total of 4 times in my small, 53sq/m (173 sq/f) apartment and it seems to randomly go around my apartment and return to base without finishing the entire surface.

More specifically, it seems to largely remain in its starting room (in my case the living room/kitchen), going over the floor multiple times and ignoring the smaller rooms (bedroom, bathroom and even the hallway) unless it comes upon them by chance. In my last run, it went under my sofa 4-5 times, but only entered the bedroom once, extremely briefly. After an hour and a half of going over the living room several times, it ran out of battery and headed back to base. I ended up having to let it charge for a while and then forced it into the bedroom, closing the door behind it.

Is the navigation in my Robovac faulty? Why is it going over the same surfaces over and over again, while completely ignoring rooms?

I’m attaching the surface plan of my apartment, the areas marked in red are the areas that Robovac has a very hard time finding. Could it be that my apartment is simply… tough to navigate? I always make sure that the floor is clear all over the apartment and nothing is standing in its way.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help!