RoboVac 30C Noisy Fan/Motor

So I’ve had 2 x RoboVac 30C’s for 2-3 years now. Love em!
Today the one I use downstairs (laminate floors, no carpet) started making a noise. I removed and cleaned the brushes and roller. Cleaned em. Replaced the filter (ordered new ones a little while back). Took out the roller and brushes altogether to test. No change.

So gotta be the fan or motor, and I’m not taking it apart.
It sounds like an old hoover, super noisy, where the other one is still pretty quiet, mostly hear the sucking noise of the fan but the motor is whisper quiet as always. As it should be. So something is up with RoboVac #2 (bought the upstairs one a few months earlier, loved it so much I got this second for downstairs)

I actually brought the first one downstairs and ran them simultaneously to compare. Took a video. Noticeable difference! Night and day! Upstairs quiet, downstairs noisy…

What are my options? Bought both off amazon from the eufy store, but I’m pretty sure warranties are long gone by now.

Do I take it to an appliance repair guy and hope they can fix? Can Anker/Eufy help? Or are all the parts sealed and not repairable and I must bid my hard working vac a sad farewell?

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Make a test:
Run the vac without the brushes!
Still noisy?
Put some “super lub” (silicone no oil!) in/on the brush connections!
Still noisy?
So it should be really the van.
I don’t know if there are spare parts available.
Take a look at YT.
There are videos how to disassemble the vac
Do it, may be you find the reason of that noise.
Something could be sticking inside.
It’s really quite easy to dissemble. Try it, do it!

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