Robovac 30c just stops in the middle of cleaning

Hi everyone,

I have owned this Robovac 30c since March 2019. The last month it just stops dead, no notification on app, no beeping, literally powers down. Pressing the power button on top nothing.

here’s a video (ignore the mat, it pushed it up before the video started) of the power down

I have to lift the Robovac and dock it by hand, performance 2 tone beep

I’ve been in contact with support who think it’s motherboard issue, does it need a new battery?


Is there a simple remote added to the Robovac?

If so you could test the battery easily.
One “run” lasts 1/2 hour in the normal mode (11S)
But could be totally different with that model.

Thanks for replying, the battery cuts out around 40 minutes.

Not normal at all, if you run the vac at the standard cleaning mode.
A swap of the battery would be useful.

Yes, we only run at standard mode. I’ve ordered one off Amazon otherwise I’ll need to get a new one.

So I ordered a new battery, took 5 min to change, the Robovac is back to normal. A bit disappointed support said there is nothing they can do for me, including suggesting getting a new battery. Cost me GBP22 via Amazon Prime.

I swapped the battery and the middle brush of my “old Willy” 11S after 2 years of use. All perfect now😃