RoboVac 30C issue

Are any of you having this issue below?

About 30 minutes into cleaning, my RoboVac 30C stopped and the amber light started blinking. It thinks it’s charging in the middle of nowhere (it’s not at the charging base). I turned off the main power switch and turned it back on. The same thing happens. The vacuum will move a little and than stop, 8 seconds in. I have no debris in the roller or brushes and the drop sensors are clean.

I’ve attached screenshots of my unit. The battery level is still good. There is nothing wrong with the battery. It’s showing at 75% during my issue and now at 100% full, and it still won’t clean.

I have even done a soft reset by long-pressing the soft Power button on top for 10 seconds and reconnected to my WiFi network and still have the same issue. I’d like to do a hard reset to factory defaults but a Google search came up empty.

Here is the link to video:

You could unplug the battery and plug it again after 60 secs.
May be that helps.

I did that for 10 minutes. Same thing. Soft reset. Master switch off for 10 minutes. Disconnect battery for 30 minutes. Cleaned all sensors.

Discussing this with tech support for the past week and they don’t know what’s wrong with it. It’s a clean unit. Never been dropped or damaged.

It thinks it’s on the charging base.

Have you checked the battery after dismantling?
You could charge the battery after dismantling with a “fitting charger”.
Check voltage and Ampere before.

I placed a new battery inside the unit. Same thing.

There’s a fault in the RoboVac 30C somewhere.

I hope it’s still under warranty

Yes, it is.
You have really done all what is possible.
I am sure the guys from the service have no better ideas than I had. :laughing:
It seems to be a hardware error.

So Eufy offered me a heavily discounted Renewed version of the RoboVac 30C and it’s working perfectly. Customer Support Engineer Yuna wase aware of my history with Anker / Eufy / Soundcore products and took care of me.

I now have spare batteries, brushes, filters and the sort :slight_smile: