Robovac 30C beeping on charging dock and dying while cleaning

This morning my Robovac 30c

  • while on the charging unit (fully charged overnight) the vacuum suddenly starts beeping with 5 beeps and a solid red light. Pressing the on/off button seems to fix this and it starts charging again. it will go back to charging after 3 lots of 5 beeps, but then repeats the beeps about a minute later

  • while cleaning it stops working completely, the light goes off and there is no beeping and the light turns off. If I switch it off and on again at the bottom nothing happens. The only way I’ve found to turn it back on is to place it on the charging unit at which point it starts charging again.

Any ideas? Is the battery likely to be dead? It’s 18 months old

I would really contact the service-
But before you should try a hard reset (disconnect the battery and after 30s connect it again.)

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I also had a similar problem, make sure the firmware is up to date (you can find it in the 3 dot menu on top right, it solved the problem for me.