Robovac 30 "whisker" brushes making grinding noise


My robovac 30 makes nasty grinding noises when the front brushes hit something that stops them rotating (like the edge of a mat, some furniture, etc). They function normally aside from that.

It sounds like the gears inside the unit that drive these are a bit stripped, and so they skip teeth when the brushes are stalled (and over time I’m expecting they will stop working entirely given the nasty noise).

It’s a couple of years old, so not expecting that this is a warranty issue, but whilst I can find new brushes, new filters and even new drive wheels on eBay, I can’t find any spares related to the whisker brush drivetrain.

Anyone know where I might find these spares?

@hfiennes So sorry to hear that your RoboVac 30 is making noises. If you removed the brushes but nothing gets stuck inside. There might be something wrong with the motors. To further identify the problem or order the motor, please contact us at Thank you!

I would say the gear wheels are worn out.
An opening would give you more insight.
There are some customers who found fitting gear wheels for a replacement.
You should search here at the forum to get more informations.