Robovac 30 NEVER finds home

This device is so infuriating. Easily the least reliable bit of tech I have ever used.

As a test I have fully charged it. Done no cleaning but moved it around the room and pressed home.

So far it has left the room 3 times in 10 minutes and when it did get close, it just grinded over the docking station, turned round and left the room.

As I say, I have Hue lights, Homepod, Echo dot etc and I have worked on IT for over 12 years. This is is by far the least reliable thing I have ever ownes or used.

Randomly coming on out of schedule. Can’t find home. Can’t dock when it does find home and then leaves the room again.

I’ll give it a good home​:upside_down_face::slight_smile:

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Sounds like the vac has gone on strike :laughing:

@JF1010 Have you tried a reset to see if it resolves or improves the issue?