Robovac 11s Problems


I have had the Robvac 11s since September 2018. It has performed really well and we have been pleased.

However, in the last 6-8 weeks the Robovac has stopped returning to its base to charge. We have to manually pick it up and put it on the base. Sometimes we can place it near and press the charge button on the remote, but other times it will not turn on or move and we have to place it on the base station.

Points to note:

  1. The base station has always been in the same place.
  2. We empty it regularly.
  3. I have changes the side brushes and changed the roller many times as they have worn.
  4. The filters are new.
  5. It is not full.

It would seem to be that the battery is cutting out towards the end of it cycle and it cannot return. Even if the Vac is in the same space as the base station it does not return. It doesn’t appear to know it’s running low until it’s too low.

Any help appreciated as it’s only 20 months old!!!