Robovac 11r2

can anyone help.
I have a robovac 11, it great normally. However today it seem to have a ‘clean sensor error’ (flashing red light + 3 beeps)

I have cleaned all the ones i can find, that’s the three infrared LED’s set at the 12, 2, 10 o’clock positions. also wiped down the sensor bumper bar. Am i missing any?

I can manually move the unit with the remote. All the are brushes spinning.


I have come across this same story being told on Amazon reviews. Sounds like a major defect.
Robovac 11 was released less than a year ago, so your warranty should still be covered.
Email They are very responsive in terms of getting back to you timely.

I’ve said several times I wish they brought the Robovac 20 back.

@David_Germain. We are sorry you have encountered the Robovac issue. Could you please charge the cleaner directly with the charging adapter (without the base) for more than five hours for a retry? And could you send us a video showing the fault so we can better identify the issue?

And we are more than glad to help you solve the issue. Could you please contact us via the Please provide us your order ID and your current shipping address through the email, we will help you with the exchange ASAP.

Thank you and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

@joshuad11. Thanks for your sharing. As a responsible seller, we provide 12 months warranty for our Robovac. If you have any quality issue with our product, please do not hesitate to contact us via "".

And we are sorry our Robovac 20 is discontinued due to our marketing strategy. We currently have our Robovac 11 and our new Robovac 11C.

Our Robovac 11C have the Built-In Wi-Fi and can work with Alexa. So you can clean floors just by saying “Alexa, ask RoboVac to start cleaning” or through using our “Eufy Home” App.

You can get more information of our Robovac 11C through the following link.

Thank you and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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So you’re marketing strategy is lower-cost smart tech? That’s perfectly fine, but for the people that do want a better option that’s still priced very competitively, I would love to get a Eufy one rather than an ILIFE or Roomba one. The Robovac 20 was superior to the 11 in so many ways.

-larger dustbin
-more suction power
-sonic wall compatibility
-zig-zag mode
-longer battery life
And so much more!

I understand there were quite a few issues with the product. Perhaps you’ve decided you don’t want to bring can’t the 20 line. Maybe the 12 will just be a big upgrade?!

Whatever the case, I know you can’t change your marketing strategy based on just one customer, but remember just a year ago your marketing strategy involved the Robovac 20. I think you had a good idea!

Nonetheless, if you do decide to come out with an updated model, I’d love to test one before release and provide detailed feedback!

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