RoboVac 11c wifi


my RoboVac won’t connect to the internet. I configured my router so that 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks are different to be sure and it still gets stuck on the ‘Joining your network’ page. The password is definitely correct. Please help!


  • keep trying.
  • have the robovac physically next to the router when trying to connect. Signals are worse near ground.
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Try the 2.5 channel. Its a stronger short range and should go through the walls better. To connect I would suggest picking it up to tabletop / chair height and get close to the router. Make sure you block it from rolling. Not sure if it will try and roll once connected. We wouldn’t want to take a call. Try a few times.

You may want to restart your router.

If you can’t connect support and make sure to give them what you did already and give them your product serial number.

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Thanks both! Putting it right next to the router worked wonders! :slight_smile:


Cool. The initial connection is the most finnicky and benefits from proximity.

@AnkerOfficial should note for support.