Robovac 11

Already spoke to People from Eufy but there was nothing they could do. the problem is the vacuum runs fine cleans great but when it goes back to its base it charges normally but after a while beeps 4 times and the red light comes on. then goes back to charging normally then does the process again of beeping 4 times. I have changed out the rolling brush and its still doing it. my robovac is out of warranty and the option Eufy gave me was to send it in for 80.00 and get a refurbished one. Just wanted to come here first and see if there was anything else i could fo before i send it in or buy a new vacuum

I know this may be redundant.
I think you have already cleaned and checked the contacts at the bottom of the robot.
Have you checked the output voltage of the charger?

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Mine does that beeping noise when there isn’t a clean connections. As @fhassm check and clean the connection. If that doesn’t fix it then you will need to send it in.

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All the family likes our “Evi”, as we call this little hardworking machine :slight_smile:

I have a suggestion for all “Evi”-fans

I taped the front with 2 stripes of “foamed tape” (fotos)
This makes Evi’s little bumps more soft and tender.
Though I had white tape only, I think it looks fine.

Does it clean dog hairs from a carpet?


But if there is really a lot of hair, you should clean the brushes, especially the center brush very properly after the cleaning process.:smile:

And it depends of the length tof he carpet pile, should be within 2cm.
Those carpets “Evi” cleans perfectly. :wink:

Yes it does. We have two dogs and they shed a lot. You will need to vacuum the floor thoroughly first. Once the carpet and hard surfaces are vacuumed. Run the robovac. It will pick up with doing a cleaning first but the robovac does a better job if the major spots are cleaned.

Even when the floor is clean your unit will still find more dirt and dog hair your vacuuming missed. We normally vacuum 3 or 4 times a week. When we ran our robovac daily we only had to vacuum once or twice a week.

Same problem, right after warranty of one year has gone.

4x beep and redlight randomly while charging.

Cleaned and everything is free and moving.

Look at one of the pet Robovacs like the 15C or 30C