Robovac 11 sweeping brush

I have had “Sweep” for 18 months now - he has been wonderful. but the last two days he started making a nasty ratchetting noise, then complaining after about 1 min that the sweeping brush was jammed.

On investigation I found that the front bearing on the sweeping brush electric motor is no longer supporting the shaft and is wobbling around. The motor does not have a part number and when I contacted Anker UK they did not seem hopeful for a spare.

Does any one know where I may be able to buy a spare motor from?


Photos please.
The parts of the Robot are no exotic ones. :grin:
I think we can find a replacement or a solution how to repair.

Ahhhh. Sorry forgot to take pics. Best not disassemble Sweep after a glass of Xmas cheer ;).

I have found a short term solution: I have turned the motor round on its mounting (having removed the plastic register pin ). Ok so the wires are a bit tight but the tension on the belt meant the bearing only wore on one side. But the 2.3mm shaft is decidedly worn so the motor needs replacing.

I suspect the motor is a 6V DC high torque motor. I was going to let Anker come back to me with a possible spare before doing something drastic:

The fall back plan is to measure the motor chassis size and get out my model aircraft rev counter and find out what speed the motor is - then try Fleabay. Electric drill motors of about the right sort of size are about £3. The belt drive cog is well and truly jammed on the end of the motor shaft. Thankfully I have a lathe that will enable me to reuse that if necessary but I assume it is a standard size and I will look to fix using Loctite.

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So it seems that you have solved this problem for the time being, right?

I have a short term solution to get Sweep working again but bodging a motor with a worn bush by turning it round will not last long. Hopefully it will give me time to buy a replacement.

I have had a reply from the Anker Support centre who it would seem did not read Email request that I sent in: I said wanted to buy a sweeping motor, instead it their reply told me that the warranty is only 12 months and offered me a 10% discount off a new one. Anker must do spares as I noted that there are places that will repair Sweep for £25 (plus £30 P&P :astonished: )

I would like to know where to purchase a replacement sweeping motor. Failing that the power (wattage) and speed of existing one and I will try to find an alternative myself. Electric motors are cheap… throwing Sweep away for the want of an item that costs a few pounds so wasteful.

Still no reply from Anker support :disappointed: .

I have however done a little more investigation: I had been wondering about the PCB on the end of the motor… so I phoned a friend :wink: He reckons it is for suppression or surge limiting to prevent the motor sending noise on to the motherboard. So I can buy a standard motor but will need to make sure that goes in line before attaching to the motherboard.

I will need to make a little gear puller to get the belt gear off.

Photos!!! I would like to learn about.
A photo is more than 1000 words.

Picture of the motor in situ (post motor turn over)

Motor and belt drive assembly once out:

Take the cover off and the motor is mounted on two screws:

One motor showing the worn front bearing:

Looking at the little PCB on the end:

The voltage on the motor is 9v (not my assumed 6), body length (excluding shaft) 46.5mm, diameter 30mm and shaft 2.3mm.

Still no reply from Anker Support :disappointed: The sintered bearing is not standing up well to being turned over so I am going to have to look to buy a replacement in case the intention is that Robovacs are supposed to be disposable and not repairable.

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Thank you!

If you search V700-L V02, you will find a bunch of these motors of similarity.

thanks, I tried searching on the V700-L V02 but nothing came up.

Latest from Anker: They do not do spares, do not have a repair department and cannot provide me with any details for the motor… so their business model is that these are disposable items :disappointed:

Back to plan 2: I have found two very similar motors one on Fleabay (RS-395) and one on Amazon. I have ordered both. They should arrive by the end of January, don’t you love the speed of deliveries from China :grimacing:

In the meantime I can only hope that my beloved Sweep lasts that long. He’s been out this morning but the turned over motor still noisy.

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I was searching for this type V700-L V02 as well.
No result. :worried:

Plan 2 : Hope you will be successful changing the motors.
Of course both sides.
Keep us informed about your “research”.
Remember “old tinkers” never give up! :grin:

Ok Sweep is up and running again :grin: The cheapo £3 motor turned up from fleabay and has been fitted.

This is the old knackered motor at the top and the new one at the bottom:

First job, having noted which of the motor terminals is positive (red dot) remove the filter board from the end of the motor:

Solder the filter board back on the motor and checked the rotation of the motor by plugging it in the board and running Sweep up.

Then the tricky bit removing the gear. I tried a puller but to no avail and ended up cutting the shaft of the motor off and using my lathe to drill out the gear. (The attempt with the puller damaged the gear slightly :unamused: )

The gear has been attached using Loctite 438, so it needs some time to go off. So final pic: New motor all fitted together:

<img src=“//” width=“640” height=“480”

To reward Sweep for all his hard work I gave his visor a polish so hopefully he will be able to see a bit better and finally relented and fitted his spare set of front brushes as they were getting a bit thin. Anker seem to sell these as spares but he has been used for 18 months so far on the first set, and so long as I steam them straight every month or so, they have been working well.



Thanks for the follow up and posting your repair. Kudos to you for taking this on and finding a fix

Hurra: I like those repairs so MUCH!
Well done!

Hi all… I appear to have exactly the same problem. I have contacted Eufy support. My Eufy was delivered 9th Jan 2018, and today is 11th Jan 2019. I’m hoping that they will be kind regarding the warrantee considering it’s only a few days over (and the fault happened when I wasn’t home a few days ago and I just thought Eufy hadn’t found his way home and had just died in the middle of the floor).

I’m worried that they don’t have spare parts as that seems crazy! If they don’t help me out… Could you give me the link to the motor you bought? @jo.thoms I have a soldering iron but I’m not sure I’d not screw it up! Suppose for £3 I could try!

How annoying! I’ve been a real fan of this little vacuum and he’s been doing a great job.

I’m really hoping support can help me out. I don’t think it’s fair that for the sake of a little motor and 3 days I’d be that out of luck.

Hi Brian,

The one I have fitted came from Amazon. It has the same sintered bearing as the original. However I also ordered one of these:
What is better with these is that they have a 1/8" shaft through the armature and the 3/32" where it goes through the belt driving gear = it has real bearings so hopefully with the sideways force will last longer. (I have ordered another 2 spares as they are cheap :wink: )

The only issues I have found is I think the Amazon motor I have fitted is a higher powered unit than the original so if used on carpet it doesn’t last as long. They also have standard 3mm rather than 2.5mm mounting screws.

Good luck getting the gear off. I was thinking of checking with a belt specialist to see how much they want for a replacement gear.


P.S. This looks like another of the sintered bearing ones:


Congratulations. As a technical model builder, I like such repairs. And perform them on my home as well. Starting from the iron plate - ending up at dish washers.
Very well done !

Thank you for the links, Jo.

This saves a lot of time for other who have to do this repair.
The rest is not so difficult for us “old tinkers”.

Hey all…

I got my motor working again by just lubricating it. It had jammed, it would seem, with some dust. I am back up and running.

For what it’s worth… Eufy support wouldn’t help me as I’m 3 days outside of warrantee. And as you know, they don’t stock spares.

I have just found out, however, that Eufy 11 is the same device as the iLife A4, and there ARE spares for this on eBay.

Here is the replacement part in question here…

I’m pretty sure this would work… Thought it worth sharing here.

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