Robovac 11+ single beep while docked and charging

I’ve got a Robovac 11+ that is a little over a year old. It was having an error of one of the side brushes not spinning. I disassembled the vac, greased the brush motor’s gears, and put it back together. It cleaned just fine, no error, until the unit ran out of battery. When I put it on the charging dock, it starts the “breathing” blue light, but it will do a single beep every 16 seconds. When I take the vac off the dock, no beep. It will do the single beep while the switch is in the on or off positions. I have held down the button on top for 10 plus seconds for a reset. I assume that’s how you do a reset on this thing? I plan on leaving it on the dock all day tomorrow while I’m gone to work. Any suggestions or advice?

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Can you make sure the swivel wheel is clear and does not have any debris or dirt stuck?

Try to dust off the drop sensors and charging contact pins.

Have you tried reaching to Eufy life Support? If not, please write a note to

I have emailed support. And wheel and sensors and contact pins are clean.

I would recommend unplugging the battery and waiting 10 seconds then plugging it back in. This should clear whatever fault is present

I ended up finding a replacement main circuit card on eBay, and replacing that seems to have fixed the problem.